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What our Adopters Say!

Loving Homes Dog Rescue not only taught me how to love again, but they rescued me in their own way. No-one could ever begin to understand just how dedicated they really are to the dogs and the homes that welcome them. Chris took every measure possible to ensure the dog I chose to rescue was a perfect match to my family and myself - she goes above and beyond and she will always have a special place in my heart.

Amber | Nottinghamshire

What our Adopters Say!

My experiences with Loving Homes have all been positive. From friendly and helpful staff, even in a crisis situation with the clock against them and every transport or weather obstacle preventing a dog getting to safety, to the skill and patience of their fosterers who go that extra mile to help not just LH dogs, but any dog needing help in an emergency to get from A to B (with maybe a stopover or assessment on route). A rescue that really is 'in it for the dogs'. 

Clare |

What our Adopters Say!

When our daughter adopted Flake from LHDR, we soon fell in love with her too! Chris was so caring and supportive, we became convinced that we might adopt a rescue dog in the future when our old GSD passed. We lost him last year and before long we were asking Chris to help us find a rescue puppy. She helped make that happen and we now have 2 rescued Staffies in our family. xo


What our Adopters Say!

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Advantages of Adopting!

  • Your dog will have been fully checked over by a vet.
  • He or she will have been fully vaccinated.
  • Your new dog will also have been chipped.
  • He or She will also have been flead and wormed.
  • Your new dog will also have been home assessed for compatibility with other animals and children.
  • In most cases your new dog will also have been neutered/spayed.


Although we operate throughout the UK, our actual base is on the beautiful island of Shapinsay, Orkney Isles where we are in the process of developing the Rescue Centre.
Our team consists of Chris who deals with the day to day care of the dogs and Clare deals with the general running and admin of the rescue,
Nick and Rosie ably handle the design and maintenance of our Website and Twitter account, along with enquiries generated through them.
Alongside the main LHDR team, there are many other helpers, from volunteers, transporters, home-checkers, overnight kennels to even the ferry companies that make it possible for dogs to get to rescue and from there to their future homes. We also work closely with other Rescues and the pound pullers to ensure as many dogs are helped as possible. Each and every person is important to the process of saving lives and for this we thank you all for your continuing support. 

Loving Homes Dog Rescue

The Adoption Process!

** Can vary according to individual dogs and adopters.**

If you are not sure about anything please contact us.

Step 1
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Decide what type of dog you would like, large, small etc. then check our list of dogs looking for a home.

Step 2
Image Replacement

Now you have found a dog you like you should contact us and tell us what you have seen and we can talk to you about it in more detail.

Step 3

 Once we have all your details we can arrange to come and see you to do a home check and talk to you in more detail.

Step 4
Site Setup


Once the home check is done we will arrange a meet and greet with the dog and your family.

 Step 5
Content Transfer


After the first meet and greet depending on how it went we will arrange a second visit.

 Step 6
Call Us

Once you and the dog are happy we will then ask you to sign a contract with us and leave the dog with you in it's new forever home.


Hi Guys

Hope that your all well and still doing the wonderful work that you have always done .

Can I just thank you all for the wonderful work that you did with my lad Apollo you worked miracles on him where I am sure most would have given up on saving his life!

The one thing that I truly admire you guys for is the true love and compassion that you have for all the animals that come in to your care.

They are taught to know what love is once again in their lives plus how to play and most of all how to interact with other animals and people.

I am so glad that you gave me the opportunity to adopt Apollo I could never have asked to have a more loving and very happy little dog he is my life I love him so much and that love is well and truly returned both myself and my family would like to say a very big thank you too you all! and I wouldn’t hesitate ever coming back to you if I wanted another rescue dog

Lots of love and good luck

Lesley and family Xxx