Hi humans!
It’s probably easier If I tell you about myself and then you tell me about you when you visit me, then we will have something to chat about,
My name is Stripe, I’m 6 years old, the humans say I’m a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and I’m currently living in Kent. They say I’m a good boy and healthy, so I don’t have to go to see the Vet unless it’s check up time. I have short hair so I don’t take much grooming; I can’t remember if I’ve been groomed before so maybe if you do want to groom me, slow and steady I think, till I understand what you are doing and realise it’s a nice experience. If I need my nails cut I think it would be best to get them done by the Vet until I get used to it.

I absolutely love it when people visit me in a home – I get really excited and sometimes jump up as I want to say hello, so I sometimes need to be told to get down until my excitement goes! I just love humans! I like children from the small to big ones: They say I’m good with children. I used to live with another dog, so I do like dogs, but unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of interaction with dogs, so I’m a little unsure, but I think with slow introductions I will be okay. I am also good with cats as I like to chase and play with them. I love to play: I love the game fetch with my ball; I really enjoy playing with the toys called Kongs, (they are strong like me)! I enjoy it when the humans give me little treats and I could be easily trained if needed, with positive rewards like treats! I enjoy my food but I do like to be left alone sometimes when it’s meal time.

I also enjoy going for my walks but can be anxious sometimes if I’m unsure of my surroundings so I like to be kept on the lead because I feel much safer this way. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a car so I might be worried if we go in one, but with reassurance and lots of encouragement, I should be okay.

I’m a very lucky boy as I have always had a human around me – they have never left me from what I can remember, so if I’m left I could be scared and worried, but in time I’m sure to get over this as I will know you are going to come back to me.

At the moment I sleep downstairs at night time in my own bed, as I’m a big boy now.
That’s all I have to tell you at the moment: I’m sure when I find my forever home we will work things out as we go along. I can’t wait to meet you and you can tell me all about you and your life… It’ll give me something to look forward to if my human tells me you are visiting.
I’ll try not to get too excited if you visit!

Hope to see you soon,

I am also neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated. Application is by email to enquiries@lovinghomesdogrescue.org.uk Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is STRIPE you are interested in adopting. A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.

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