Hello humans!
We would like to introduce ourselves: We are Angel & Echo, we are both Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and we are looking for our forever home together. We need to be rehomed together as we love each other so much and can’t bear to be apart. Angel is 7 years old and Echo is 5 years old, and we are currently staying in a lovely foster home in London, (it’s amazing but we are really needing a forever home).

A little about us. Angel… I haven’t been tested with other dogs, but I love being with my sister Echo; I love going for my walks, and I can pull a little on the lead but a gentle tug to remind me of my manners is enough. I love to sniff and explore everything – I can walk by another dog with a gentle reminder. I don’t have any aggression towards them; my foster parents say I can be a little lazy when I want to: I will walk as slow as possible! I am great on the lead – the humans say it’s always slack unless I find something to sniff and a gentle reminder is all I need. My recall is fantastic unless I find something exciting to sniff and I just ignore you! I have what you call “selective deafness” hehe!

When I see a cat or small furry I am interested, but a gentle tug or command and I’m back with the humans. I love meeting new people, I’m really well behaved and remember my manners. I do get a bit grumpy if they don’t acknowledge me, as I like the attention! I’m currently in a child-free foster home, so the humans are saying that a forever home with older kids is best for me.
I love food, I eat all my meals, and if my sister leaves any, I’ll try to eat hers as well, so best to watch me as I’m a little tinker… I love my bones but sometimes I can gulp as I get excited, so if I gulp, a reminder by removing my bone for few minutes is enough to bring my manners back. I will expect you to give me your meals as well, but a simple command of “bed” is enough to remind me not to be greedy.

I like to go on the bus, see the humans and look out the window, if you need go out without me this is ok, but we will need this to build up as I can become anxious and scared in case you’re not coming back. The humans say I sleep most of the day and am a little restless at night: I will try to get into bed for a snuggle, (I just love a human snuggle). I really enjoy being brushed so grooming isn’t a problem.

Myself and Echo just love each other so much they say if we are rehomed separately it wouldn’t be nice for us, so together is a must! We love to “play fight” – it looks worse than it is from a human’s point, but we are really just playing. We love to play tug of war, sometimes I need encouragement to play as I love to sleep, but when outside, if you encourage me to run with Echo, I will and then you can see the true Angel.

Echo: I love my sister Angel! I love spending time with her playing tug of war and we share everything; toys, space, etc. I am really good when out on my walks, I can get distracted by other dogs but I can be reminded of my manners. We have had an occasion when a dog off the leash ran up to me and I growled and barked, but when I realised it was safe I was okay. The humans say I am full of energy even after a good walk! I would love to be off the lead but they say not at the moment this is something I could work on in my forever home. I love playing the garden off lead – I can run and jump wherever I like, this is so much fun! I get very excited when we are out walking: I like to lead the walk… I also like to walk on the left (my humans are not sure why), but I’m happy. If I get too excited, my humans have been using a ‘ztttt’ or a ‘hey’ command to get me to stop pulling the lead. I also have to stop and make eye contact with my human. This is something that needs to be carried on in my forever home as I’ve started the training and hopefully in time, I will realise it is all good.

They are saying my recall needs more training as I just ignore my human sometimes; they say walking me next to a wall and if you use one of the your legs to make a barrier, is working, so we can try this in my forever home aswell. When I see a small furry/cat I become very interested. I just want to play with them, and sometimes I can become very locked in on the cat/furry but a few silly noises and moves will bring me out of it.

I absolutely love all humans, I do jump up but a simple command of ‘sit’ is good enough to remind me that not all humans want their face licked clean by Echo! Because of this, my foster humans are saying a forever home with older children is better for me: Children who can command me to ‘sit’ if I get excited. I just love humans!
At meal times I’m happy to eat whatever you give me but I can get distracted if I think I’m going to get a stroke from you; like my sister I love a stroke and will try and get in your bed, especially at silly o’clock in the morning!

I get very excited on the bus, (again it’s about the humans), and I just want to give them Echo loves. If you need to go out that’s fine, but can we build this up over a short period? I do get anxious like Angel but if I know you’re definitely coming home I’ll be good. My humans say I’m very affectionate and will make a great family addition, as long as I’m with my sister Angel. My humans can’t stress enough that we need a forever home together.

Can you give us a forever home together? We will love you and be good – we hope you can…
Lots of love,
Angel & Echo xx

We are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated. An application is by email to enquiries@lovinghomesdogrescue.org.uk Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is Angel & Echo you are interested in adopting. A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.



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