Hi guys,
My name is Borys, I’m nearly 2 years old, they say I’m a Collie cross breed. I’m really enjoying my stay up in Orkney with all my doggy friends but I would love to find a forever home; somewhere I can settle and be happy and really enjoy life. It can very noisy up here so I tend to join in and shout, so the humans are saying, if you would like to come and see how great I’m doing, it’d be best to meet away from my friends! Also we wouldn’t want to make them jealous of you coming to see me and not them, so I will tell you a little about myself. I would really like for you to visit me and maybe take me out for a walk so we can get to know each other.

I really enjoy going for my walks; the human who takes me out at the moment says I’m really good and learning so much, but a figure of 8 lead is best as I am a strong boy and can forget my manners sometimes and can pull. I show a little bit of interest in other dogs whilst out walking. They say I’m doing really well with my training – my previous owners are of Polish nationality, so they did start to train me in Polish, but I’m doing great learning English commands. So a little time and patience is needed until I fully understand any commands! I have great humans here who are doing great and say my recall is getting much better… they are currently keeping me on a long line just in case I don’t understand the command or get excited and forget myself.

I adore meeting new people, but I do get excited whilst in kennels, so if you do decide to come and meet me, when you ring to let the human know they will organise a lovely calm location for us to meet so you can meet the real Borys. I love all people, but in my forever home we would rather it have older children and not young, just in case I get excited and really forget my manners and accidently knock a little one over. I wouldn’t do this on purpose, but I’m still learning lots of things so it’s better until I am aware of what I’m doing.

I can travel in the car with a doggy seat belt and my safe space; I don’t really like cats or small furries, so a forever home without these is needed. I could possibly, at some point, live with a submissive female doggy, with slow introductions to see how we like each other.
I love mealtimes as I love food; treats are just the best! They show me that what I’m doing is a good thing – same as toys: I love toys, like a tennis ball or a Kong toy. I can be left for short periods of time if I’ve got a toy like a Kong to keep me entertained and distracted, but 4 hours is probably my longest as I will need a garden visit. I try my best not to have an accident so any longer and there could be a surprise waiting for you when you get home as I’m still young and sometimes just can’t hold it in.

At bedtime, I’m happy to sleep in a doggy bed but I do enjoy the comfort of a cosy armchair if I’m allowed. I am short-haired so grooming isn’t hard work for my new humans; maybe a bath or shower to keep me smelling nice now and then is good? So that’s all really, and I do promise if you give me my forever home I will try my hardest to be good, but I will need my new humans to continue any training I’m doing. I love to learn and make my humans happy – we can teach other lots of new things.
If you think you have my forever home, please contact my humans so you can come and meet me.
Lots of love,

I am vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated. An application is by email to Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is Borys you are interested in adopting. A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.

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