Blue – Staffie – approx. 10 years old – Orkney RESERVED
Hi, I’m Blue or as I’m also known Little Boy Blue, I’m told I’m your traditional Staffy whatever that means, I think it’s because I’m a small Staffy. I am 10 years old and I’m a very sweet little boy once you get to know me. I can be little bit scared of new people at first because I’ve had a very bad past. I wasn’t treated very nicely, so because of this I can be very nervous of new people but it doesn’t last long because deep down I love humans still, and one day I’d love to have a human who loves me. I’m very keen to please my human, I can sit beautifully and when you come to see me I can show you: But you must have something nice for me once I’ve shown you! This helps me to build trust in my human and due to this I’m best with older children as they understand to give me space and let me come to them. Little children scare me a bit but I think I could definitely live with children over 12 years old.

Due to my past and the fact I’ve not had the best life I wasn’t socialised very much as a young dog. I don’t know how to be around dogs so I shout at them which sometimes scares them (and they also scare me which is why I shout), so I’m not sure if I could live with any dog as the rescue people here say I should be an only dog, which suits me very well as I’m don’t want to be scared anymore because I’ve come a long way from the little scared boy I was.

When out on my walks I will walk past another dog and I’m a very good boy if you tell me to leave the doggie, and I will walk on, also I don’t want to live
with cats or small “furries” due to never meeting them and now I’m an older boy I’d like to just have a family to myself as I don’t want to have to share something I’ve never really had.
I am walked twice a day and I love my walks – I’m walked on a harness which helps just to remind me not to pull. I’m a very steady boy on my walk but then at my age I’m in no rush, but don’t let this fool you though, because when I get to the field I love to run around and sniff and play.

I’m a very good boy and I know my name and I love treats so this made it very easy for the rescue people here to teach me a recall, and I normally come back every time unless I’m sniffing around or concentrating on some new smells!
I am fed twice a day and I eat all my food, I hear the people here say it’s kibble food, with meat. Whatever it is, it’s really nice. I love my treats I can give my paw – I know you’re impressed, aren’t you? And I do so when you ask me, especially because I get a treat at the end. Food is definitely the way to my heart! I love my toys, and my favourite is a tennis ball as I love to play fetch. I am happy to share my toys with you, but you must throw my ball again please.

In the home I’m a very good boy, I’m non-destructive as I am a big boy, but if you were to leave could you maybe leave me a nice bone to chew on? That way I don’t mind if you go out as I have my bone and you could leave me for up to 4 hours. I am very happy to sleep in my bed or even my safe space, or maybe if I’m really lucky I could sleep in the bedroom with you?
I’m a short-haired little man so I don’t need much grooming; I do like my baths though, and am happy to have a bath as it makes me feel all clean and smelling beautiful for any of you guys who want to come and meet me. As an older man, I’ve got a few bald patches from the past due to not having the best nutrients in my diet when I was growing up, but it doesn’t bother me or affect me, it just means I need to be fed a good food.
So, that’s me, little boy Blue! I’m off now as it’s time for bed and I’m very sleepy… Do you think you could offer me the kind of home I’m after? I’d be very grateful to have my own human to belong to forever.


I am neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated. Application is by email to
Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is BLUE you are interested in adopting. A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.


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