Hi everyone, I am Shady, a four-year-old handsome red Staffy cross. I’m a bouncy happy-go-lucky boy. I came from a pound to stay with my foster family in Ross on Wye. My foster family is great – there is Foster Mum and Dad and six other dogs, so I always have someone to play with and a huge garden to have fun in.

We are super active, we do Canni cross (running) and bike rides and lots of walks. I am only young still and it is important I have an active forever home to use up all my energy. I wear a harness when we go out. If I am on my own I walk nicely and stay close to my person. We do a lot of our activities in pairs, and I like this as it’s good to have company. I do like to show off and be in front! If we are playing out in the garden I like to stay near to Foster Mum to keep her company, I like looking after my person. I would need a garden with high fences as I can jump, like really jump, I jumped over 6ft once, so I need someone to stay with me outside.

I like to snuggle up and watch the TV; we have to take turns in snuggling mum, there are a lot of us and mum isn’t big enough to snuggle us all at once, we would squish her! I get along with the dogs here; we were all introduced slowly and individually given time to build our relationships we do work together to make sure we are all happy, we have a great trick where we all sit nicely and take a turn at getting a treat: This teaches us we are all loved and to be patient! I like that there are lots of dogs here, always someone to play with, however I think I would like a forever home where I was on my own or with just one other dog, then I wouldn’t need to share the person and I could have cuddles anytime!

I am clever and know my name. We have been working on me coming back when called; this is making good progress and I get better each time we try it. Foster mum walks away from me if I don’t listen and I always come back then, I don’t want to be left behind, (I even left a fox alone to come back to mum!). That was really really hard and mum was so proud of me, you see, I like little furry things and always want to try and meet them, I know I’m not allowed and try my hardest to remember not to chase them. Mum says I should think that I am much bigger than them and it must be very scary for them, like if an elephant was chasing me and I don’t think I would like that much either. To be on the safe side I wouldn’t want to live with any small furry things, just to be safe, I don’t want to be an elephant and scare them!

Everyone thinks it must be like feeding time in a zoo at our house, but it isn’t really! We all have our own food and are taught to wait for our food and eat nicely. Waiting for food isn’t the easiest thing for me and I am still learning to have table manners, but if my bowl needs to be moved or taken away I don’t mind, I know I will get it, maybe even with extra food in it! I like my food but understand the difference between my food and human’s food and that stealing things isn’t nice!

I have a big crate all to myself, all cosy and comfy with blankets and my bed – this is my safe place, I like to go in it for a snooze and sleep here at night. If we have to stay at home, I go in my crate and settle myself down like a clever boy. I do the same in the car just settle down in my crate thinking about what we might do when we get there, it’s always something exciting!

Have you got a space in your family for me, I’m a very loving boy and can’t wait to show my forever family how much love I have……

I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Application is by email to

Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is Shady you are interested in adopting.

A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.


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