PSSSSTT…. Oh, Hiya I’m Jack, or as the people here at Loving Homes Dog Rescue call me, Jumping Jack!! I’m a brindle Staffy Lurcher Cross. I am a loveable chap who likes to live life in the fast lane and I’m looking for a high energy family to keep up with me.

I bet you can’t guess why they call me Jumping Jack? Yeah, it’s because I can bounce soooo high, like I’m on a Pogo Stick! I’m a very clever boy who likes to be kept active and stimulated both mentally and physically; this is super important or all my extra energy gets built up inside me and this isn’t a nice feeling, but the good news is that my batteries do run out sometimes!!

I go out twice a day wearing my harness and a nice long lead. We have big paddocks here where I can run, jump, bounce and explore to my heart’s content, there’s nothing better than a good old “explore” – there are always new smells to find and follow, it’s exciting ‘cos you never know what you might find at the end!! I am practising walking nicely on a short lead and staying close to my person, I do much better at this is as I have a bounce and zoom around first. The zoom uses up some of my excitement so there is room in my head to concentrate on listening and being clever. I like playing with the tennis ball, (the people say this counts as learning) as I am learning to come back, it doesn’t feel like learning really, it just feels super fun. Most of my learning is fun. Would you like to help me learn more?

If you hadn’t guessed, I’m an outside kind of guy – the beach, the woods, the hills – I love it all! I can see dogs when we are out on a walk and I am happy to walk on past them. As I’m half Lurcher I do have a “prey” drive, but I’m being worked on with this and, my new family can help me more. I like my personal space so I don’t like dogs that are in my face, although I could, with slow and careful introductions, live with another dog that is calm and understands that dogs just like people need their own space. I really can’t live with any sort of small furry animals, as my brain tells me I they are prey and as much as we work on that now and in the future, it wouldn’t be safe for me to live with them. I’m hoping my new family can see past this… Anyway I’m much more fun than small furries!

I love meeting new people but I do need someone that is going to be firm with me and also have patience. I just need reminding to keep my paws on the ground and to remember my manners, but once corrected I don’t straight away. I meet lots of people and am always pleased to see them but I can also be a little bit dominant, so I need someone who is going to be able to work with me on this one, but in the right manner. I have met children and would happily share a home with children but the rescue says they need to be dog savvy. I’m not quite sure what they mean but sure they do, the children would need to be of an older age and not small children as I may knock them over although I wouldn’t mean to.

I eat twice a day: I get breakfast and tea and I’m fed a kibble-based food with meat. I eat all my food – I was taught to share as my rescuers say all the pretty boys share and the ladies will like this. I could live with a female doggy but I’d have to be introduced properly as I can be a bit nervous. They say this is normal when boys meet a girl they like. I’m am a bit of a show off: I sit and give paw when asked and know to take treats gently and not to grab! I love my ball, playing ball is amazing, I can get myself excited with the ball and forget about sharing, but we are working on this and if I bring it back I get treats, which helps me remember.

I have travelled in cars; I climb up into my crate like a clever boy. I should go in the crate as this helps me keep my calm and not get all excited and bouncy! But it so exciting thinking about where we might be going! I live in the Kennels where we all have a big bed with lots of warm cosy blankets in. I love curling up in my bed. I hope that my forever family has a nice bed like this for me; I have lived in a house before and I liked to cuddle up with my person at night. Cuddle is good, it makes everyone happy having cuddles. I could to be left for up to 4 hours in a home, maybe with a cheeky treat to keep me entertained? I don’t bark or cry though, and I don’t chew as I know to be a good boy and look after my people’s house stuff and my home. I only have short hair so don’t need much help to keep me looking my best, just an occasional bath, if the mud gets me.

Are you an active family who have a space for a Jack to join you on life’s adventures? I can’t wait to join you making lots of new memories.

I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Application is by email to

Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is JACK you are interested in adopting.

A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.


You can see me HERE and leave me a message

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