Hello everybody, my name’s Bruno! I’m a unique little boy – I’m 3 nearly 4 so I’m quite a young boy! I live at Loving Homes Dog Rescue and have been here since May. I am looking for my forever home so I am going to tell you my story to see if I could be your ideal dog!

I am a very good boy who loves everything about life. I love my walks: I am walked twice a day; we are really lucky and have water near us, brilliant news for me as I love swimming! I could swim for hours and hours especially if I had a tennis ball or a boomer ball to play with. I have very good recall so I am allowed to play off my lead in our enclosed paddock. My rescuers say this is because I am such a good boy! I walk on a harness as I do sometimes pull, but with my harness on I walk much better and don’t need to be reminded too much to walk by my person’s side. Being young, all I really want to do is go off and explore, can you blame me?? When I am on my walks I’ve not really met many dogs: I don’t really like other dogs, I’m willing to ignore them though as I just don’t like them in my face or near me. I just like my own space and being with my human family (Shh don’t tell the other dog I don’t like them)!

I would love to meet new people and learn to trust them, but I’m quite nervy of meeting new people as I’ve not had the best experience with the human race and have been failed in the past. I am learning to trust; the rescuers are working with me on this and they believe in time with slow introductions, I’ll be fine and that the past will be just that – the past. However, let me tell you, when I do know you I’m just a normal “nanny Staffy” as they say, full of affection and love. I have met children and I’m very happy with children: They play ball with me, and I feel I can trust them as they’re normally very happy, playful and love playing with me. Playing is one of my favourite things to do in my little life so far; maybe you can teach me some new things??

I am fed breakfast and tea…. (I know, great isn’t it!!) I love my food, so I eat it all straight away, but don’t let that fool you as I do have manners and I even share my food with people, so I’m not bothered if you take my food. More so because I’m a little charmer and I know you will give it back if I use my puppy eyes!! I am even good with my treats and I give paw (yup I know, don’t gasp all at once!) I like to share my toys to a degree – really it depends on the mood I’m in – if I’m in a good mood I’ll happily share all day with you, but if I’m in a naughty mischief mood I like you to chase me! Look at it this way, it’ll keep you on your toes!

I come from the north-west area and travelled up in a crate. I was more than happy with this and I didn’t mind, I went to sleep. I even went on a big boat, which was a different experience as I’d never done that, but I enjoyed it. I was happy when the people got me off at the other end though, because I was bursting for a wee! I am happy to be left for up to 4 hours if I have somewhere I can rest my head after a nice walk with my family, I’d be very settled. I know not to chew your shoes or doors. I normally sleep on a sofa at the kennels – I upgraded to a sanctuary room recently, as I didn’t like the kennel block due to all the noise and the other doggies. I am happy up in the sanctuary with my sofa so I know I’d be a good boy in the home. Can i ask one thing though?? if you were gone for a while could you leave me a treat??

As I am a Staffy… a dinky one at that, I don’t need much grooming; maybe the odd bath as I do like swimming. I don’t care if the water is clean or not but I do like to know I am nice and clean. The occasional brush will help keep my coat all shiny.

Right folks, my time up, as I’ve just heard them say that they are going to take me to the beach!!! I need to go shout at them to express my happiness about that idea! All I ask is do you think you can see beyond my past and offer me a home, where I can relax and learn to trust more humans?? I’d love a sofa, but more than anything, to just belong to someone who will love me forever and ever!!

I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Application is by email to

Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is BRUNO you are interested in adopting.

A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.


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