Hello …… Hello…. I’m over here! Oh, hello, my name’s Merlin. I’m a dinky little black Staffy! I’ve had to come to kennels as my owner became too poorly to look after me and Fern – Yes I came in with Fern. This being in kennels malarkey is all very strange and new to me, as I’ve never been in kennels before. I have heard lots of good things about Loving Homes Dog Rescue from Fern, I’m starting to realise it is a good place to be, that we will be safe, looked after and cared for just like we used to be.

I know I will find my new home soon, who could resist a cheeky loveable chap like me, I’m not really naughty just keeping you on your toes! No dog likes a lazy owner so we need to keep you well trained! I have lived in a house on my own and wouldn’t mind being an only dog, obviously I have lived with Fern too, so if I had proper introductions I could maybe think about living with another girl dog, if they are really nice to me. In an ideal world I would like to stay living with Fern we are used to each other and our quirky ways, we have a pretty unique love – hate relationship, people say we are like an old married couple! The people here have explained that it might not be possible for us to stay together and we are OK with that, as we know whatever happens they will make sure we have super homes!

I am walked on a harness and I do sometimes pull, but once corrected and told to walk properly I do it straight away. I love my walks: I am walked twice a day and I am allowed off my lead in the secure paddock, I’m a really good boy I love to play in the long grass and wild flowers exploring all the smells. I will come back when I’m called more because I know they have treats, and I love food, food and more food! I ignore dogs on a walk but I don’t overly like dogs in my face as I like to keep myself to myself; I don’t really like small furry things, the people here say for this reason it is better if I don’t live with them. I love meeting new people as I’m very affectionate but I do sometime shout at them not because I don’t like them, just because I have to make myself seen and heard, but if you had to share with Fern you’d understand why – that girl thinks the world is all about her! Once people pay me some attention I’m a good boy and I sit down and love to be stroked, and I do give kisses (but shhh don’t tell anyone).

I haven’t met many children as I lived with an older man. I have met children over 8, I quite like them as they gave me treats and lots of cuddles, I am the right size for them to cuddle! I had a chat with the people here and we all decided it would be better if any children I live with are 8 years old or over.

This is my favourite topic … FOOD… I love my food, I am fed twice a day, morning and night, which I’m very happy about, except that there is less kibble and meat in my bowl than there used to be.(They say I’m on a diet, I say they are meanies!) I love everything – my favourite are the big bones from the butchers, they last ages, and seeing that my bowl is half empty it’s handy to have a snack hidden in my bed for when I get munchies! Anyway, you get the idea of me and my love for food!

Now on to my toys yes, I like to play ball, I’m not overly keen on sharing my ball but I will give it you back with a bit of persuasion (and maybe a treat) but only, if you promise to throw it again!! I was very good in the car when I travelled from Manchester to Orkney, but I did have Fern with me. I may be a bit nervous in the car on my own but I am sure with lots of reassurance (and maybe some nibbles!) I’d manage to be a big brave boy!

I’m okay being left in either the living room where I can lay on my bed or my big bean bag like I have now, or on the sofa. I’m not destructive and could happily be left for 4 whole hours but to me that’s quite a long time as I love to be with people. I am a Staffy so I’m short-haired this means I need very little to no grooming at all! Just the odd brush and bath but that’s more so I look handsome if we meet new people out and about.

So, folks now you know a bit about me, I’ve got to go, I can see the kennel staff coming to walk and feed me, yay! I would really love my own sofa and hopefully now people know my little story I will win the heart of someone who can give me my own home.

I am neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated.

Application is by email to Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is Merlin you are interested in adopting. A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.

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