Hiya everyone, my name is Fern, I’m a very special older lady but don’t let that fool you – I’m still full of energy, but I am half whippet. I have been a part of Loving Homes Dog Rescue for some time now; I was adopted, but unfortunately my owner was poorly so the nice people at LHDR took me back along with my friend Merlin, but less about him as this post is all about me!!

I’m a very laid-back lady, not much in life bothers me, my human says I bounce quite well. I could happily live with another dog in my forever home, either male or female. I like most dogs, I know how to be nice and sociable with them but to be honest, I much prefer to do my own thing when out on walks, sniffing and zooming. I am walked twice a day and I would need this at least, as I am quite energetic and need mental and physical simulation too keep me plodding along in life. I am walked on a harness, I’m a very good girl and have brilliant recall so my rescuers say, but I know I’m good that’s why I always come back because coming back when I’m called leads to treats which is food!! I am also happy to walk in all weather, and could stay out on my walk all day long if I was allowed to! I am happy to lie in the garden though, especially when the sun is out. I love to chase after my ball, and show how fast I can go, I’m great at zooming, and know that the more I bring the ball back the more it gets thrown.

I love to meet new people, because we all know new people and being good leads to food, food makes me very happy! I’m good with children although I do sometimes need to be reminded to be calm, as I can get over excited. I’m happy for people to fuss me but if you do, I will kiss you as I love giving kisses. I love my food, I eat all my breakfast and dinner in one go – I can be greedy. The people say I am on a diet to lose a few extra pounds, I’m not sure what this means but I think they may be feeding me less and hoping I don’t notice! I can give my paw for treats, but sometimes forget and need a little reminder that I need to sit and take the treats gently.

I have lived with Merlin for a long time so I know how to be nice and share my toys! I like going in cars, me and Merlin came all the way from the North West – I travelled in a crate in a car and ferry – it was super exciting! I’m more than happy to be left at home, either in a crate or in the house to roam about, if I’m really lucky, on the sofa. I’m a good girl I don’t chew or bark, I know my human is going to come back for me, and everyone needs their own space (me included), so when my human’s out I take the time to sleep and recharge my batteries. At night I am happy to sleep in a dog bed, the sofa, or with my human – I’m not fussy as long as I have somewhere to call my own?

I’m a Staffy x Whippet so I have very short fine hair, which people will be pleased to hear means I don’t need a lot of grooming, just the odd brush and bath but it’s all extra fuss and maybe a treat if I am a really good girl! This brings me to the end folks. I hope I’ve given you an insight into my little life in my bubble. I would make a perfect family pet as all I want is to give my humans love, affection, and more than anything, commitment which I know I’m good at. Could you find it in your heart to give me my forever home???

I am neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated. Application is by email to  Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is FERN you are interested in adopting. A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.

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