Hiya! I’m William… I’m very special little boy. My rescuers say I’m a long-coated Jack Russell Terrier Cross and I’m a very energetic boy who loves life and everything about it. I’m going to tell you a little bit about me, to see if you could be my forever family.

I am a very good boy, I love my walks, I am walked twice a day, I am walked on a harness as I do pull, but I’m learning to walk better on my lead and not to pull, but I am a terrier and it is just what we do. I love running around in the fields on my long line, but this just because my recall’s not quite on point yet but I am getting there. I’ve met a few dogs on my walk and I don’t like them in my face. I am happy to walk in fields with other dogs, but I would not like to share my home with them or any other small furry animals, as I’m too stuck in my ways being an older man, and I wouldn’t want to share my human family either as I love to cuddle up with someone.

This now brings me on to my favourite topics of all time – People – I adore people and children! I have met children from the ages of 2 right up to 12. I think children are great; they are energetic, and fun, I love running around with them and they play with my toys with me. Kids seem to love playing ball with me and I love a tennis ball. I will chase and play fetch for hours; I never get bored of playing ball. Since being at LHDR they taught me these things that they call manners which apparently will help me to find my new home, so I know to sit and wait for a treat from adults and children. I even love it when the kids give me cuddles and a kiss as I’m all for giving love and kisses back.

I am fed twice a day – morning and evening – and I’m fed a kibble-based food with meat. I eat all my food straight away, I love treats of all kinds whether it’s rawhides, bones from the butcher or treats from the pet shop – I’m really not fussy. I take them very gently and even sit if you remind me to that is, otherwise I get a bit excited and dance around. Now I’m going to tell you my favourite toys and this will make me your best friend if you remember them all… Tennis balls, raggies, boomer balls, Kongs, frizzbees… these are just a few as I’ll introduce you slowly to my toys. Some would say I’m quite addicted to my toys, but being a terrier I have to have a lot that keep me active and mentally stimulated otherwise I get bored.

I had a very long journey, up to Loving Homes Dog Rescue. I came up from a place down south they say, and it took a very long time to get to LHDR. I heard the people who transported me say it was going to take a whole 15hrs!!!! We did stop for a few wee breaks though. I travelled in a crate where I was safe, as there were a few other doggies with us all going to LHDR. I was a very good boy and just went to sleep, unless I needed the toilet but when you got to go, you have got to go! We even went on a big white thing but it was okay as we got to stay in the car and I could see the people, so I just went back to sleep and the people who brought me up say I’m a very good traveller in the car.

I sleep in a dog bed, and I quite like my dog bed, (though I’d like a sofa much more like I used to have). I’d sleep in my bed if I had to all night and I’m very good, big boy as I’m clean in my house all the time – I know not to do wee wees or poops in the house, so I always let my owner know when I need the toilet, to I make sure I don’t have accidents in the home. I don’t even chew as I am a terrier and we love to please our handlers, I am very happy to be left at home for up to 4 hours as long as I have a cheeky rawhide or snack to keep me occupied, but if not, that will be fine, as I know you will come home so I don’t need to stress or worry while you’re busy at work or shopping getting me treats

As I am a small breed but long haired, I do need regularly grooming so I stay all clean and looking my best. I will need to go to the groomer for a groom and a face tidy up; I do love having a bath and being pampered, as yet again I love fuss and they give me treats normally! I am even happy to be dried by a towel and will play with the towel while you’re drying me.

Do you think you have a space in your heart and a sofa for me to come and give you lots of love and cuddles? Think of all the adventures we could go on!!

I am neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated.

Application is by email to enquiries@lovinghomesdogrescue.org.uk

Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is WILLIAM you are interested in adopting.

A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.


Please come and meet me and see more pics HERE and leave a message for me if you have a sofa for me 

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