I’m Quinn, I live in the kennels at Loving Homes Dog Rescue in Orkney. I’m a large tan boy, I am a mix of two working breeds so I’m a clever, high energy dog. I need a special home that understands me and my needs and will work with me to make me the “bestest” Quinn boy I can be!

I’m not a little boy, I have big strong superman muscles (don’t worry I don’t wear a blue leotard!). When you take my super powers and my dominant streak into consideration I definitely, positively think I need a person who has experience with large, dominant breeds like mine, and obviously the motivation and dedication to match me. I am the best dog ever at learning, I have already learnt loads, I can sit and give paw and wait (all at the same time!). I can do walking nicely next to my person on a loose lead. I know you’re impressed, right?? But that’s not all…. I can do a brilliant recall on my long line I run around waiting to hear my name then boom, I’m straight back to the person sitting nice and tall in front of them waiting for my treat! I know you would love my recall, I can do it with my ball too, that’s even harder because you have to watch where the ball goes, find it, bring it back and give it to the person, but it’s really fun and every single time I get a treat, told I’m a good boy and if I’m lucky I get to do it again!

You need to come and see me to believe how good I am, then we can get to know each other. The people here know me really well and will be able to give you lots of help, advice, ideas and support so we can become a settled happy family. We have a routine at the kennels up here, I like routine; it means I know where I am up to and what I need to do next in my day, be it tea time, walk time or nap time! I go out twice a day – I wear a harness and go out on the long line in the secure paddock, this gives me loads of space to stretch my long legs, have a good sniff to see who else has been in that day and play with the ball. My long line is like forever long I can leap and bounce and fetch the ball on it! The people say it is about 20ft or nearly 7 meters. I want to chase any little animals I see so I need to be kept on my long line, at all times, to keep me and the wildlife safe. This isn’t a problem for me I still have lots of freedom but everyone is safe. This isn’t something that will change overnight, if my forever family wanted to walk me off my lead, we would need to work really, really hard together over time, there would be loads of things we could learn, we can make it lots of fun though.

I have already done lots of learning, it’s super important that I can carry on learning all my life – I like a challenge and am always up for trying something new! I get breakfast and tea in my kennel; the people make me sit and wait for my food like a nice boy, this is OK as it’s always yummy food. I can be a little possessive over my food, I may give a warning grumble if you come close while I ear but when you have had none, it’s hardly surprising. I like my treats – we use a lot of treats in my training, that’s why I like learning – it’s using my brain and eating! Perfect! I sit and give paw, known not to grab my treats, that’s not good manners and all the best boys have good manners.

I have to admit that I can be a bit naughty and try to be a bossy pants, so my human needs to remind me that they are the boss! I live in a sanctuary room at the kennels now, I got upgraded from the kennels because I have been here so long, I used to have a bed that I slept in, now I have a sofa to curl up on and sleep, the most important bit is that it’s nice and soft, we all want a soft bed! I think we will all need it after all the hard work we will be doing! I have lived in a house so I understand and know not to chew things that aren’t my own toys; to tell my family when I need to go to the toilet so we can go outside. I even lived in a flat once as long as I have lots of mental and physical stimulation I don’t need a huge big house! I would really, really like a garden with really high fences. I can bounce over 6ft fences so ideally something higher if possible.

I am good when we go out, I travel in the car either in a crate or using my harness and seat belt. I like meeting people, I can sit nicely to greet people but if not given firm guidance and reminders I can get a bit excited and bouncy. Obviously, this is too much for little children when you are as big as I am. I like children, but any children I live with would need to be at least 12 because of my size. I have met other dogs when we have been out, I do want to try and chase them a little bit but with a treat and firm reassurance and guidance I can walk past. I only have short hair so I don’t need much grooming as such.

Are you a superhuman family that is ready for this superman dog? Let’s go explore, learn and enjoy….

I am neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated.

Application is by email to Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is Quinn you are interested in adopting. A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.

You can see more of me HERE and leave me a message if you would like me to come live with you

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