Hello everyone! I am Dory and do I have a story to tell you…….this is how it goes.

I came from a bad, bad place, I was forced to have lots of babies, I didn’t get to bring these babies up like a real mummy should. I was kept in a cage, I only saw people when they brought strange male dogs to me, the other dogs hurt me and I never got to meet them. I never had any love, fuss, attention or exercise. I had to have an operation to remove lots of saggy skin that was causing me lots of pain when it dragged on the floor.

I hadn’t been socialised with other dogs, but my Rescue people have been showing me that I can be friends with them, so I could live with another calm, placid dog especially if it was a girl!. I would need to be introduced slowly though so I could gain my trust in my future housemate. My life is very different now I am rescue dog, I am starting to learn how a dog should be treated with lots of love, fuss, attention and fun! I have a great life as I get to go out on walks every day more than once, I like running free in the secure paddock.

The tennis ball is a new thing to me and it is AMAZING! I can chase it and fetch it and chase it again! I know my name and am very good at coming back when called, I come every time without fail as I know I will get love and treats galore!! I walk on a harness and I know to stay close to my person and not tow them down the road like some naughty dogs do! I like being a good girl and making my human happy, it means I get more fuss! If we are out walking I am ok to walk past small animals and birds whilst I am out they don’t bother me. I was a little wary of other dogs when walking, because of my past, but now I am realising they mean me no harm. I am happily living with two placid female doggies, I get on very well with them! Making doggie friends is new to me so I can still get scared especially if they come bounding up to me.

There are lots of people visiting up here in Orkney and I am super friendly with everyone. I am very gentle when I meet people and love that they all want to fuss me. I have met little people as young as two and I was nice, but I can be clumsy so would need supervision with children to make sure we are both safe as I can get excitable. I spent a month living with two children aged 10 and 12 and this was great, as they always want to play with me and give me attention and love. I am a clever girl who likes her food, so I always eat my breakfast and tea. I like treats and know to sit nicely for them, I know not to snatch and that I can only have food that is given to me. I am slowly learning to play with toys, starting with the ball. I would like to play with more toys in my forever home. I have done really long journeys in the car in a crate and I am more than happy, I just settle down and enjoy the view. I even came on a ferry, have you been on a ferry? I like to curl myself into a little ball and sleep on the sofa or bed and fall asleep in seconds dreaming about all the fun I can have the next day. I will sleep in my crate, this take a little longer for me to settle and I need a bit of reassurance that I will be safe and you will come back to me. I have bad memories from my past of being left alone for long periods of time. I get very upset if someone leaves me in a room on my own, especially if I can hear people in the house without me.

The nice people here are teaching me that the crate is a good place to be and if I am in there I am safe and people will come back to me and give me lots of fuss and attention. We are making progress together but it is taking time and we will need to keep working on it in my forever home. I have already learnt that it is ok to stay in my crate if people go out, I settle myself down and wait for the love when they come back. We have worked hard to get to this stage. I would need my forever family to be at home most of the time so I don’t get myself all stressed out and worked up. I do need to go in my crate if I am being left as I am not used to living in a house so I am still learning the basic things, (apparently redesigning the door frame wasn’t a nice thing to do!) Despite what humans have done to me before I still love and trust humans, Can you see beyond the scares of my past and be my human? I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

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