– Staffy – Approx. 1 yr – Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Hey my name is Bella, I am nearly a whole year old, I am little dinky black Staffy baby girl! I currently live with my foster family, as well as mum and dad there is a little human and two dogs. We live in Grimsby which is near the sea which is great for splashing and going crazy!

I am only a baby everything is so exciting and new and amazing to me I just want to explore and see everything and everyone. My foster mum is amazing and lets me do exploring and being a big girl, we have to do some work every day though for me to learn how to be a big girl. I like learning, Foster mum calls it positive reinforcement, I call it treats! I want to carry on learning in my new home, Foster mum says I could do things like agility or flyball or Canni cross, she had to explain them to me but they sound super amazing and really really fun, I can show of how good I am at learning and going super fast! They might even make me tired!

I live with two dogs in my foster home, they are only little dogs, they don’t always want to play my exciting bouncy games, they tell me with a little growl and I am learning that they don’t want to play today, maybe tomorrow. I thinks I would like to live with other dogs as I like to snuggle with my foster family and give them a bath. This is being nice and being nice is good. I thinks that it would be amazing to have a dog play with, I like playing and could play all day long!!! Any dog I live with would need to be a similar size to me, I might have squished the little ones occasionally when I get excited, its not nice and if I had a bigger friend they might do it to me!

We go out walking every day, we work on walking on the lead like a big girl, my excitement gets too much for me to control and I just bounce and zoom and pull and go a little crazy at first but I settle down and practise being good! I am learning to keep my crazy in control and be a big girl but it will be an ongoing process that my new family will work on with me (with treats obviously) I am working on listening to foster mum and coming back when she calls, this is called recall, I wear a super long lead while we practise! We meet lots of people and dogs on our walks. I love meeting new people, I need to practise my manners as Foster Mum says its not nice to jump on everyone, especially little humans. My forever home need to have no little humans (10+), as much as I love them because I am bouncy, excitable and boisterous about life and I don’t want to squish or hurt them. That would be a mean Bella and I want to be a nice Bella. We meet lots of dogs when we are out, Foster Mum likes to stroke them all, I didn’t think this was very fair and got a bit grumpy, but me and Foster Mum had a serious talk and she explain that it is ok for her to talk to other dogs, she will always come back to me, I watch other dogs and they let their people stroke me without making a fuss so it is obviously ok, I just need some extra reassurance while I remember.

I have already learnt so many new things I share my toys and eats my food nicely, I know to do toilets outside. I sleep in my crate if everyone is out and at bedtime, I know they are coming back so I settle down and go to sleep thinking of all the exciting things will do next. I am already a big girl in the car will be a good girl in my crate or wearing my seatbelt. I know there is lots still to learn, I forget that not everything is mine and borrow things like Foster Dad’s woodwork, he didn’t like it as much once I have redesigned it with my teeth! Foster Mum said it was his own fault for leaving thing lying around, you can’t do that with puppies like me around we find mischief everywhere!

I am typical girl, this means I like to look pretty all the time, I love having baths and being brushed and going to the groomer is so exciting, they cut my nails and brush my hair and make me all shiny and pretty! I like to cuddle up at night with my family and always like pats and strokes from anybody it is all love to me and love is good. I have lots of love to give back aswell.

Can you help me becoming the amazing big girl I know I can be??

I am vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated. I am not yet neutered due to my age but this will be done as soon as the Vet says it is save.

Application is by email to Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is Bella you are interested in adopting.

A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.


More details and photos HERE

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