Hi, I’m Max I’m an old man now as I’m 12 years old, I am a Staffordshire bull terrier the dinky kind because I’m cute!!! I live with my foster mummy and my foster sister Nell in Kelso in the Scottish Borders.

I have many good points some of them being, I’m housetrained which is very hard at my age as I’m a retired old man now, I’m very friendly and love children and people, I also love other dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Being an old man, I have slight deafness, this is worse when there lots of noise around me as that mean I have to concentrate more. I also have ataxia, this sounds very dramatic but it isn’t really, most old folk have it, its just my joints wearing out from so many years of fun! It doesn’t cause me any pain, I’m a little stiff sometime with it and it gives my walk a swagger!

I love my foster sister Nell, and I love to share all my thing with Nell as she has taken me under her wing and shown me that an old boy can still have fun, even though as a collie she drives me mad with her constant ball games but its ok as I still love her very very much so. I’m not sure I’m want to live with a very young dog as there a bit bouncy and daft for me, I like my sleep time.

I am a lazy boy who likes to have a lie in but then at my age I deserve it, my foster mummy she has to get me up in the morning for my wees and poos, I don’t like getting out of bed it’s so cosy. I go out on a lead for my wees and poos as we live in a flat and I have to share a communal garden with other doggies. My foster mummy jokes saying I need to live in a bungalow, as I’m starting to find the stairs hard work! once my morning wander is done then go and sleep on the sofa as were spoilt and allowed to have the sofa, if I’m told to get down I will. I think foster mummy is mean for telling me to get off as I just want cuddles and love from her. About 2hrs after my morning wander then i go on my walk with mummy and my foster sister Nell, as I have slight deafness and with all the traffic and general noise Mummy is careful about where I come of my lead so I don’t go on any roads. During the day I tell mum when I need a wee and poo and mummy lets me out, and if I’m really lucky which is not often with the Scottish weather its nice and sunny outside, don’t quite know what that is but I like it as it warm and I can get a tan.. in the evening after my tea I have a walk about 7/8 o’clock for an hour, I like to go to the woods as there is millions of different smells and lots of trees to do wees on! I see other dogs with gardens and they can just lay about and take live easy, that sounds great to me, can I have one of those please!

When I am on my walk I get on with all dogs and show no bother by them as i am a good boy who just enjoys my walks. I am also friendly with cats as I’ve been cat tested and got 5* but I do try and talk to them, like most staffies I like to talk too everything and everyone. as I’m an older gentleman I’m walked on a harness as my foster mum doesn’t like walking me on a collar as it pulls on my neck, I walk on a loose lead as i am a good boy and I walk to heel as there no need to rush. I like to do everything S.L.O.W. .When I meet new people i get very excitable but this is a staffie thing as we loveeee people. With this in mind you don’t have to worry about me with strangers as I love everyone like my breed do. I show no fear of people I am so good that I don’t even jump up because I have good manner which my mum always tell me when we meet new people.

I have met a wide range of children from 12mths right up to adult and I meet them all calmly and with pure kindness, all I want from the little people is love and affection because I love cuddles and I like to sit close to them to protect them.

I am fed a raw diet which I love but I’m not a fussy eater and will eat everything and anything put in front of me food wise of course, I am feed once a day and I’m a big boy now and don’t beg for my dinner like I use to, but that is because of my past which I rather not talk about as it makes me sad. I’m not fussy with treats either, anything will do, I did used to get a bit excited about treats and sometime snatch but Foster Mum has taught me that I still get them if I sit and wait nicely. The little people are the best at giving treats as they don’t just give you one like the grown ups, they really like it when I give them my paw that always gets extras!

Now that I’m a mature boy, when foster mum goes out I am left loose in the flat with Nell, this can be up to four hours and we are very good, we just go to sleep and wait for mum to come home. I don’t get distressed when she leaves us because mum promised to never leave us and I know she means it. At night I sleep with my foster mum in the bed with Nell, I have my own bed near by and will sleep on that sometime but I like to stay close to mum. If my new parents didn’t want me to sleep with them I would be happy in my bed as long as I am close to make sure they are save, they might need me to help them!

As a staffie I don’t need much grooming, just the odd bath now and again in case I smell, but I try not to get dirty as I wouldn’t look as handsome then.

So folks that’s all about me… I know it’s a lot, but then again I’ve been around for a while so there lot to tell people, basically though I’m just looking for a loving home with lots of cuddle and fuss and someone to understand that I am a staffie and that I do talk a lot as I like my family to hear me and my demands even though mummy dose tell me I have to wait and be patient, I’m getting better at this but its not easy and I do need to keep up with my training to be the best Max I can be

Max is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Application is by email to enquiries@lovinghomesdogrescue.org.uk Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is MAX you are interested in adopting.

A telephone interview, homecheck and adoption donation/contract apply.


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