Hi, I am Cassie a fun loving white and tan Staffy, I am around 4 years old, I’m a typical happy go lucky Staffy who loves cuddles and attention. I currently live near Ayr in Scotland with my foster family, could you be my forever family??

I am a super chilled out girl, I am very lucky that I am the only animal in my foster home, that means more attention for me. We have a dog that visits and I am happy to be with him, I was nervous at first but my foster mum introduced us slowly and gave me lots of reassurance. When out walking I am a bit wary of meeting new dogs, but when introduced properly I get on well with them and given the correct introductions, reassurance and time I think I would like to live with another dog! I haven’t really met many cats but I do like to try and talk to the birds in the bushes when we are on our walks!

I like walks, especially the beach, we normally go out for at least 1hr a day, I have a nice padded harness that I go for walks on – I don’t like collars as they make my neck sore and painful, I am a bit pully to begin with but I am sure I will improve with some help and a few treats. My recall is very good but my mum walks me on a really long 50ft line when we go down to the beach to play, so I don’t swim away to Ireland! Mum say that I’m a very stubborn girl, but there’s lots to do down at the beach, so I get distracted, but if you make lots of positive happy noises, I remember what I was doing and come hurtling back like I’ve not seen you in ages!! I am working hard with my Foster Mum to improve this and I’m sure my new family will help me more.

Seeing as I am 4 years old I’m still quite young, need some more training for when I meet people, but don’t let that put you off – it’s not that I’m naughty, I love people so much I get super excited and sometimes jump up, it is a bit hard because I just want to love everyone. Mum reminds me that all 4 of my feet must stay on the floor; I am learning and I’m sure as my training continues I will be able to do it no problem. I try and give everyone Staffy kisses, but we Staffies are nanny dogs and kisses are part of our job.

I’ve met children from 7 years up, l meet them very happy as they give me fuss and I love cuddles and fuss, but because I’m still doing my learning to not be bouncy when I meet people. I wouldn’t mind living with small children, but they would need to dog savvy and understand that I just want to love … my manners are improving every day and can only get better.

I am very good with my toys, my ducky, it’s my favourite, I suckle on it when I go to sleep. I have good manners with my treats and take them very nicely, the same as with my food. I sit and wait very patiently for my dinner until mum says I can have it, I have no food aggression, mum put her face in my food and I just thought she was hungry so I backed off to let mum have some.
I also jump around in the car but if you let me sit on the passenger seat with my seat belt on then I’m happy to watch out the window at where we are going and be a nosy girl. I can travel for a really long time in the car, I came from all the way down south in England to my foster mum and I just went to sleep for most of it. When mum goes out and leaves me, not that it’s any longer than 4hrs, she leaves the TV or radio on so I can have a bit of peace and quiet to chill out, this has taken a while and is on going as it was built up over a while so that I didn’t mind being left on my own and I knew that someone was always going to come home for me,

I know not to chew my mum’s or her son’s stuff as I’m a big clever girl and I will get a treat when they come home. I sleep wherever I like at night, because I’m very well behaved, I normally sleep with my mum’s son, he lets me cuddle up under the covers all cosy and snuggly, I’m a big snuggle bum, and of course I need to make sure he is OK at night.

I only have short hair but I am a bit of a princess and love having showers, I like to drink the water, a girl has to have fun! I also love being brushed, as once again folks, yup you got, it more fuss for me and I love cuddles, the same as i love being towel-dried. I don’t have to have my nails cut very often as I do lots of road walking which keeps my nails down so I always look super pretty!
So guys now you know all about me I’m sure your all going to be lining up to give me a sofa and home to call my very own, could I be the little princess you’re looking for??

This is me pole dancing

Cassie is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and flea and worm treated.
Application is by email to
Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is CASSIE you are interested in adopting. A telephone interview, homecheck and adoption donation/contract apply.

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