Hi everyone, I am a 3-year-old tan and white Jack Russell called Butch, I live in the Loving Homes Dog Rescue Kennels in Orkney. I’m still young and learning new things every day, but I know I really enjoy my walks, playing and bouncing, bouncing is fun!!! I’ve wrote some details about what I would like in my forever home but I think a family that loves me is most important. Could you be my forever family?

I like my walks, I can walk nicely on my lead, I just need reminding not to pull occasionally, and love scrambling around the rocks on the beach nearby. I use a harness to walk, and get super excited when getting ready which makes me bounce bounce, bounce, I try to control my bounce and if my family carry on with my training I will learn to sit nicely and wait. I can do sit and wait I just get excited about going out on an adventure, and can’t get there fast enough! I’m still learning to come back so at the moment I don’t come of the lead I have a long line instead for practising coming back when called, its hard if there are nice smells! I wouldn’t like to live with cats or little furry things, but think I would like a doggy friend to live with as I am very good with dogs of all sizes, that’s the good thing about where I am now I get to meet lots of other dogs.

I enjoy playing in the indoor area, it is secure so I can come off my lead and charge and romp around, some of the other dogs forget I am little and I get bowled over, I tell them not to do that with a woof! I like being active, using my brain and learning new things and would love a home where I can learn something like agility or flyball, I might have little legs but they can go really fast. I get treats for doing things right and when I am learning new things, and I take them nice and gently. I eat my food every night like a good boy, I eat a good quality dry food with rice but I only have a little bowl as I am only a little Butch! I am a good boy in my kennel and know to go outside for my wees and poos, If I am in the house I tell my person when I need to go outside, (sometimes you can pretend you need a wee and go outside and explore when you don’t really need too!) I have done lots of learning so I know how to be perfect in the house, I know that I can only play and chew my toys and not the people’s things, but my toys are better I can play all sorts of games on my own.

Having lived in the kennels I am crate trained and know that it is a safe and comfy place to be if I need to, I have a plastic bed in my kennel, full of blankets and covers so I can curl up and get nice and cosy at night. I have been in cars lots, my bounce starts when I get excited so I wear a seatbelt attached to my harness so I don’t hurt myself or anyone else, cars are great you get to see different things every time!

I like my fuss, though I used to get very very scared when people tried to touch me but I have learnt that it is not just OK but actually really good. I do occasionally get a fright and react if someone touches me and I didn’t see it coming, but when I find my family and we all get to know each other, I know all my scaredness will go away. I only have short hairs so I don’t need much brushing, and I walk on roads to keep my nails short, which is good as well as I am not very keen on this and can get myself all worked up and in a tizz. All that stress makes me forget how to be a good boy, and I get grizzley and very grumpy. I have been working on this and as with getting fuss I am sure with guidance, time and trust I can learn to be better at it.

Can you show me the world? I know it is going to super exciting and can’t wait ……. I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.
Application is by email to enquiries@lovinghomesdogrescue.org.uk
Please provide a little information about your situation, including a contact telephone number. Please state it is Butch you are interested in adopting.
A telephone interview, home check and adoption donation/contract apply.

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