I was a Bait dog, a victim of mans cruelty. Bion means life in Greek…I so wanted one, WHY DID I HAVE TO DIE?. ...

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My Story

A bait dog. That was me, used as the punchbag to teach dogs to fight. The bad men used to dangle me by my back legs and “poke” me at the dogs to work them into a frenzy. They would bite me, I had no defence, how it hurt. My legs, my body. Life was a haze of pain and hunger, I used to try to wag my tail to keep my courage up but it got harder and harder…..

I don’t remember how I escaped but I ended up in the pound. I was a sorry mess , thin, scarred and with open wounds. Then a miracle happened…… 

I was put in a car and I travelled a long way. When I got out, there were green fields and two ladies. They stroked me and spoke softly  to me and tended my wounds. My tail found its wag again and boy, did it wag! Round and round, like a propeller!  I was a broken boy, but they took me in, I heard them say no one would ever hurt me again and I just wanted to stay right here, by their sides. I had never known life like this, food, warmth and love with such gentleness….

 My external wounds were healed and I was so happy. Inside I still hurt, but my life was so good I ignored it. I learnt to sit for my dinner, to walk on a lead. I learned so much and loved it. My tail just kept on wagging…..



 But something wasn’t right, it got harder and more painful to sit for my dinner. They understood, so I didn’t have to. Then I couldn’t squat to do my toilet, I had to keep moving so I didn’t mess myself and inside I was hurting so much more. I had the life I had dreamed of in those dark, pain filled days but I was able to enjoy it less and less……but my tail still wagged….

I played with the other dogs, especially Bubs. I liked her, she was nice to me too. And Polly, the Jack Russell. It was getting harder to run but I tried, I would never give up…..

One day they took me to the vets. I liked the vets, they were kind to me as well. They told me I would sleep for a little but they would be back for me.  I woke up and went home to bed, I was still really drowsy. They came in and cuddled me. I noticed they had wet streaks down their cheeks…I wagged my tail, tried to cheer them up…..

I reflected on my life. As a bait dog, my hips had been stretched and pulled in opposite directions in their efforts to torment the fighting dogs into a frenzy. Now I had severe hip dysplasia and arthritis setting in. Soon it would hurt to move. I was a little deformed anyway, was this why cruel people had thrown me away and made me into a bait dog?  But I had escaped into a life of love and care. I had only been here two months…..

The pain became too much to bear, but I still wagged my tail. On Friday 7th June 2012 I crossed to Rainbow Bridge  where there is no more pain and I can run and play in the summer sun as I should have done with my saviours…..I am at peace, I think of those who cared and I know I am still loved. I see them crying…NO….because of me Bions Law was born…. 



I am right by your side, I can’t speak up so speak for me, my wish is for a world without cruelty….change will come, Bions Law will come shining through, in kind hands and hearts I place my trust…that’s you……FIGHT


Darling Bion, your life will not be wasted, we are committed to educating youngsters of today that dog fighting is not cool, not clever. We will do our utmost to promote responsible dog ownership and develop a way to stop overbreeding that allows little lives like yours to be so easily ruined. We will work tirelessly until it is law, until the fighting rings can be identified and broken. This we promise in your name…we miss you every day and you are in our thoughts constantly. 


Sleep well little one xx



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